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Knox High Senior Living

This old high school building sat empty in the center of downtown Knoxville for years until the City decided to find a way to save it a preserve its historical significance.

Once approved to become an Independent Living Facility, this project took 4 years of tedious renovations to preserve it's historical features while installing the updates both in architecture and interior design to make it a stunning and award-wining space to live.

Inspired by the Roaring 20s design style prevalent when this school was operational, our team of designers took a contemporary perspective with the interiors with incredible results. With custom carpets, furniture, and millwork details, the interior of this commercial home is truly one-of-a-kind.

Each space was meticulously designed to serve it's new residents including many areas to sit and visit, an open kitchen for classes and parties, a billiards area, two indoor courtyards (one with a projector for movie nights) and even a featured history gallery with pictures of the school as it once was and honoring those students that served in WWII.

Truly a masterpiece of new and old, it was a privelage for Whitney (owner of Practical Charm) to be part of this project with DKLevy Architecture & Design.